Ed launches his campaign!

This weekend, Ed Barker, the Conservative candidate for Derby South, launched his campaign to become the MP for Derby South.  With a focus on getting Brexit done and putting trust back into our broken politics, Ed is campaigning for record increases in funding for Derby's local schools, a boost for the car industry and thousands more police officers to keep our streets safe.

Earlier in the week, Ed created a splash by challenging his opponent, Dame Margaret Beckett, to a one-on-one debate - he is yet to receive a reply. 

Ed said: 

“Margaret Beckett has spent the last three years ignoring and working to frustrate the referendum result – the biggest act of democracy this country has ever seen – even though residents here voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU.  
“And she put Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the Labour Party with his destructive plans to raise each family’s tax bills by £2,400.

“She even tried to stop this General Election from happening.  Her approach couldn’t be more anti-democratic if she tried.  

"Only the Conservatives can get Brexit over the line and sort out our schools, crack down on crime and get local industry the investment it needs.

“We’ve got to break the deadlock and get Brexit done so that we can get on to other priorities here in Derby.”

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