About Ed Barker

Ed Barker is the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Derby South.

Ed has connections with Derby and the Midlands that go back to the very beginning.  He was brought up in Leicester, studied law at the University of Nottingham, has friends and family all over the Midlands and performs with musicians all over Derby and Mansfield.  In fact, he was the guest artist at a show in our very own Derby Arena back in the Summer.  But he has also been working right at the heart of the Brexit debate in Westminster, helping to deliver on the historic 2016 referendum result.

“Ed is dedicated to delivering Brexit and a champion for local people"
Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Home Secretary

Brexit was the biggest act of democracy this country has ever seen.  It was the largest vote for anything in our history and even Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair got three to four million fewer votes than the total number of people who voted to leave the EU.  

Ed believes passionately in the UK’s future outside the institutions of the European Union and has been working tirelessly with the leading lights of the Leave campaign in Parliament to make sure that that historic vote is respected.

“Ed has made a huge contribution to the Brexit cause"
Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Leader of the House of Commons

Writing for and advising the likes of Steve Baker, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel, Esther McVey, Dominic Raab, Theresa Villiers, Mark Francois and others, Ed has become a trusted, respected and well-connected figure in Parliament, someone who can be relied on and who will be able to hit the ground running, campaigning effectively on behalf of you, your friends and your family, if he becomes the MP for Derby South.

"Ed’s a brilliant campaigner"
Rt Hon Esther McVey MP, Housing Minister

Ed’s been at the heart of the Blue Collar Conservatism campaign, developing ideas that resonate with voters across the whole country, like boosting police numbers, toughening up sentences for criminals, offering free TV licences for all over-75s and increasing school funding.  

And Ed was instrumental in the energy price cap campaign, ensuring that the Big 6 energy companies were no longer allowed to rip-off their customers with extortionate energy bills when they forgot to switch supplier at the end of their contract. But there’s an entirely different side to Ed’s life…

Ed is one of the UK’s most renowned saxophonists, known especially for his solos for international pop legend, the late George Michael. He toured with the Wham star on his last live tour around the UK, playing to tens of thousands of people all over the country.  In fact he was in Derby Arena playing none other than Careless Whisper and Cowboys And Angels on the Fastlove George Michael tribute show back in the Summer.  But he’s also played with and directed for the likes of BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s, Anton du Beke and Lance Ellington, X-Factor’s Anton Stephans and still regularly performs for theatre audiences all over the country.  

He also teaches the saxophone and jazz on his education website which attracts thousands of students from all over the world at Ed Sax School.

“I’m often asked how I can do two such contrasting things with my time,” Ed said.  “But for me, performing and being a politician are both about the same thing: listening.  

“Listening to your audience and your fellow band members, and listening to what voters truly care about, what would really make a difference to their every day lives and then reflecting and fighting for their priorities in Westminster.”   

Ed was never formally trained on the saxophone, he is self-taught. His passion and drive got him to where he is today, along with an extensive training in Britain’s National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) and National Youth Orchestra (NYO).  But Ed is acutely aware that whilst he worked extremely hard, he was given opportunities to succeed as an instrumentalist that not everyone is lucky enough to have:

"It doesn’t matter how much talent you have, if you don’t have the opportunities – an instrument, great teachers, inspiring role models and a supportive network of family and friends, your talents can’t take you very far.  That’s why I want to campaign hard to ensure everyone, wherever they come from, has the chance to learn a musical instrument when they’re at school.” 

Ed says he can think of no greater calling than using his unique set of skills to represent your interests, and to speak up, on the national stage, on behalf of those who aren’t currently being heard.

After 36 years of Labour, Jeremy Corbyn and Margaret Beckett it’s time for a fresh face so that we can take a new look at the challenges faced by the people of Derby South and Ed relishes the opportunity to do it for you.Ed says he can think of no greater calling than using his unique set of skills to represent your interests, and to speak up, on the national stage, on behalf of those who aren’t currently being heard.

“Having worked alongside MPs in the past, I’ve seen first-hand the difference they can make to their constituents’ lives.  Being an MP is an immense privilege and you can have such a big impact on people's lives if you know how to get things done in Westminster.”
Ed Barker, Conservative Candidate for Derby South